Monday, June 18, 2018

Details and application for the Edwin M. Church Award for local writers

With thanks to Judy and SAC here is a direct link to the details and application for the Edwin M. Church Award for local writers.  Deadline is August 1st. Let's get writing people!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Meeting Minute June 14th

Meeting commenced at 6 pm.

First on the agenda was the announcement of a vacancy on the Board of Trustees for the Swanton Library.  If anyone is interested in filling this vacancy please contact the Swanton Library 802-868-7656, or EMAIL Becky personally .

REMINDERS for various upcoming contests and events were next. Please keep the following dates in mind and click on the name of the event for more information.

League of Vermont Writers: July 21st Writer's Meet Agents event. Registration is now open. A chance for serious writers to meet agents and pitch their completed work. Check the link for details.

Swanton Arts SpectacularAugust 25th.  Our table will feature local artists, possibly typewriters for people to use. Other exhibits and items TBT

Vermont Writers' Prize: Deadline November 1st. Co-sponsored by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Magazine. The theme of this contest is Vermont: people, places, history and values. Entries must be unpublished and 1,500 words or less.  Check the link for details.

Judy Paxman asked the group at large if anyone was interested in helping with the play Swansee III Feathers of Fury. An annual project of Northwest Nightmares and Northwest Access TV the play will be shown at the Weldon Theater in St. Albans in October. EMAIL Judy or contact SAC for more information.

Please keep in mind: July 27-29 Bookstock in Woodstock VT. October 5-6 SAC's "Seven Deadly Sins" art exhibit.

The first Edwin M. Church Award for Young Writers was awarded to our own Emmet Mathieu for his short story "Tracks of Destiny"! Congratulations, Emmet! If you haven't read the story find it HERE and let Emmet know what you think! The Edwin M Church Award for Adult Writers is now open. The deadline is July 31st. Entries must include references to a train and be no longer than 3,000 words.  More details to come. Watch this space, our Facebook page or the SAC website.

Look for a good read? Don't forget our BOOK RECS page for ideas.

Three members shared their work.  As a result of one piece a writing prompt was born. Based loosely on an ongoing writing project called "Flat Stanley" individual group members will take our 'Stanley' for a month and chronicle the adventures they share with him through journals, pictures, etc.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25. Next meeting JULY 12TH 6 p.m. Swanton Library.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Meeting Minutes May 24, 2018

Our meeting commenced at 6 pm. There was a lengthy discussion about various upcoming events, contests and exhibitions. Photo prompts were made available. Work to be shared at our June meeting. A lengthy list of book recommendations were made by various members.  This list will be ongoing with a permanent link in the list of pages on the right hand side of the main page. The last half hour consisted of readings by three attendees.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35. 

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions: Local

August 25th. Swanton Arts Council is sponsoring the Swanton Arts Spectacular. Tentatively scheduled times are 10 until dark. The Swanton Writer's Group will have a booth featuring manual typewriters. Visitors can compose their own on the spot pieces or ask to have a piece written for them. 

October 5 and 6, 2018. Swanton Arts Council is sponsoring the Seven Deadly Sins Art Exhibit The next planning meeting for this event is June 13th. Interested writers can submit work based on one or all of the seven deadly sins. The tentative deadline for submissions is two weeks before the event. Suggested forms are poetry, short essay. Possible display methods include a bulletin board or framed piece. Writers might be able to write and then recite their work for attendees to listen to and enjoy. Contact Tonya Caswell for more information.

Statewide Events

July 21st. Writers meet and greet agents at Trader Duke's in South Burlington. More details to be announced on The League of Vermont Writers page

July 27-29 Bookstock in Woodstock Vermont. Featuring over 40 outstanding authors,  poets and artists. There will be readings, exhibitions, a poetry jam, presentations by authors and much more! Mark your calendars and find more information HERE.

Phoenix Books has multiple events at its various locations. Please check their EVENTS page for more information. Updated regularly. 

Contests, Opportunities and Education

Burlington Writers Workshop is seeking reviewers to help with The Mud Season Review. Visit their WEBSITE for more information about the publication and how to get involved. 

Green Mountain College Summer Writing Academy. Two sessions are offered. July 8-21 and July 22-August 4.  Please visit their SITE for more information. 

Click the name to be taken to the site for more information. 

Book Recommendations list found HERE

Next meeting is June 14th from 6-7:30 at the Swanton Public Library. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Meeting Minutes April 12, 2018

The group came to order at 6 pm. We discussed the April 7th Author's Panel. The event was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the panelists as well. We discussed hosting another event which would focus more on the road to publication. We would like to invite the same diverse group of authors back. Date and specifics are yet to be determined.

The group discussed hosting a one day/night workshop. Possibly composing a one act play or monologue which would then be enacted by local actors using simple props/sets.

Upcoming Exhibitions: Local

October 5 and 6, 2018. Swanton Arts Council is sponsoring the Seven Deadly Sins Art Exhibit The event is still in the planning stages. Interested writers can submit work based on one or all of the seven deadly sins. Suggested forms are poetry, short essay. Contact Tonya for more information.

August 25th. Swanton Arts Council is sponsoring the Swanton Arts Spectacular The Swanton Writer's Group will have a booth featuring manual typewriters. Visitors can compose their own on the spot pieces or ask to have a piece written for them.


Vermont SciFi Writers Series: Geek Mountain State

Writing Prompts. Becky will bring in photo prompts for our May meeting. Machine of Death Prompts are always available and encouraged!

Next Meeting is May 24th, 6 pm at the Swanton Library.

Meeting Minutes for March 15, 2018

The group came to order at 6 p.m. We discussed ground rules for moving forward with all future meetings. The most important being: No one member should monopolize a meeting by reading or discussing their work for an extended period of time.  Written piece should be kept between 1-2 thousand words, discussion approximately 10 minutes. Constructive criticism should be offered only at the author's request. 

Upcoming Events. Please click the link for more information.
Author's Panel, April 7 from 10:30-12. Swanton Writer's Group Author Panel
League of Vermont Writers, April 28 : Road to Publication

Upcoming Local, State, National contests.

Edwin M Church writing award. Local contest funded for at least three years: 2018, 2019, 2020. There will be two categories: High School Seniors, Adults. Youth submissions must be between 1-2 thousand words in length. Adult submissions must be between 2-3 thousand words. The contests are open to all genres. Any piece submitted must contain a reference to trains. Cash prize of $500.00 More information as it becomes available.

Writing Resources
Write by Night

Details and application for the Edwin M. Church Award for local writers

With thanks to Judy and SAC here is a direct link to the details and application for the Edwin M. Church Award for local writers.  Deadline ...