Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Meeting Minutes July 12th

The meeting commenced at 6 pm. We discussed upcoming events, established and proposed. Two members of the Swanton community came to the meeting and were introduced. Scott and Judy announced an appearance on AM 620.  They were going to be interviewed on Wednesday, July 18th at 7:40 for approximately 15 minutes.  Topics included: The Swanton Arts Spectacular, Author panel and various arts events sponsored by SAC.  A link to SAC (Swanton Arts Council) website has been added to the sidebar of this blog.

We discussed poetry. What defines a poem and various types and authors were mentioned. Specific recommendations were: Stephen Vincent Benet's "John Brown's Body" and Kwame Alexander's "Booked" and "Solo"

Additional topics were: play writing, Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia" was recommended, Becky proposed writing short plays as a writing exercise for the group. Writing memoirs as fiction due to the challenges of discussing living family members and friends in print and, Commonplace" books

"Commonplace" books as defined on wikipedia:  A commonplace book from the mid-17th century. Commonplace books (or commonplaces) are a way to compile knowledge, usually by writing information into books. Such books are essentially scrapbooks filled with items of every kind: recipes, quotes, letters, poems, tables of weights and measures, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas.

Flat Stella and Stanley were handed out.  Adventures to be chronicled and shared by group members monthly. 2 group members read their work.

Upcoming Events and Contests

Edwin M Church Award: Deadline is July 31st. Application can be found HERE

Swanton Arts Spectacular: August 25th. The Writer's Group in conjunction with SAC will be sponsoring a local author's panel. The following authors are committed: Chloe VinerPat Esden, Bill Schubart, Tammy Hetrick, Jerry Johnson, Bethany Morrow, and our own Rebecca Rupp!

In Discussion: A Single concept art show. Idea is that all contributors would be given a limited space - say, a 10 x 10-inch square - and would be challenged to respond, in text, print, art, or combo, to a single word, such as HOPE or DESPAIR.  More details in a future post.

Book Recommendations

The Great American Read. A PBS presentation hosted by Meredith Vieira. Click HERE to see the list of books and read more.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20. Next meeting is Thursday August 16th at 6 pm Swanton library.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Contests for July

A list of contests to appeal to all writers.

Miami University PressThe Miami University Novella Prize is awarded annually to a novella-length manuscript of original fiction (18,000–40,000 words). The winner receives $750, a standard contract, publication and 10 copies of the book

Glimmer Train:Open to all subjects, all themes, and all writers. Most entries run from 3,000 to 6,000 words, but any lengths from 3,000 to 20,000 words are welcome.

2018 Constance Rooke CNF Prize:The Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize is awarded to the best work submitted to the magazine’s annual contest for a genre that embraces, but is not limited to, the personal essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction, social commentary, travel writing, historical accounts, and biography, all enhanced by such elements as description, dramatic scenes, dialogue, and characterization.

Prairie SchoonerOur annual summer nonfiction contest opens May 15 to all types of creative nonfiction essays up to 5,000 words. The entry fee is $20 and includes a copy of the Spring 2019 issue of Prairie Schooner, in which the winning essay will appear.

Blue Mesa Review: accepts previously unpublished work in Fiction (up to 6,000 words), Nonfiction (up to 6,000 words), Poetry (up to 3 poems), and Visual Art. We have a rotating editorial board, so each issue is fresh and unique. In general, we are seeking strong voices and lively, compelling narrative with a fine eye for craft. We look forward to reading your best work!

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award:The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is an international literary prize that celebrates excellence in Poetry and Short Fiction. Hosted by the international art and culture publication, Aesthetica Magazine. With the aim to support and nurture new writing talent, it awards publication within an inspiring anthology to a shortlist of 60 writers, including a winner from each category.

The AnzaldĂșa Poetry Prize: 
Opens: 15 April 2018Deadline: 15 August 2018
Guest Judge: Cynthia Cruz
Awards: First place is publication, $1,000 prize, and 25 contributor copies. Up to five finalists will be announced, and all poems will be considered for publication as a general submission.
Reading Fee: $15
Submit: Open—submit today!

Broken River Prize: The Broken River Prize is an annual poetry chapbook contest from Platypus Press. Each year a different poet will judge the contest—this year’s judge is poet and teacher Eduardo C. Corral.

Meeting Minutes March 21st 2019

Only a few members attended the meeting which commenced at 6 pm.  Several upcoming events and workshops were discussed and proposed. April...