Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meeting Minutes November 14th 2019

Meeting commenced at 6:05. We had a lively discussion about writing perspectives: can an author effectively write the POV of a character from a different ethnicity, gender, age than themselves?

Judy offered a writing prompt in the form of porcelain dolls representing the original 13 colonies.  Participants are asked to write an obituary or short article (3 or 4 paragraphs) about their chosen doll.  The dolls will be placed in an empty card catalogue at the Swanton library.  Give kids something 'unusual' to find and read.  Anyone interested in a doll can contact Judy HERE

Michelle suggested Jason Brick and Chuck Wendig as possible sources of information and inspiration for writers. Read more about Chuck HERE and on Amazon  More about Jason HERE and his group on Facebook The Iron Writer's Challenge  

Ev mentioned a talk given by poet Michael Czarnecki at the Rouse's Point Library.  He wrote a book about traveling route 11. Other works include "Twenty Days on Route 20"  The group expressed interest in attending a future talk.  Please check the Rouse's Point Dodge Memorial Library website for more information.

Four of our members read their work.  Richard read a reflective Halloween poem. Kylie read a portion of her novel. Scott read a journal entry (gave us the skinny on Mangoes!) Don read his piece "Intermission"

Our next meeting is December 12th. If you are so inclined please bring something small to share: cookies, fudge etc. See you all at 6 pm at the Swanton Public Library!

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